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Most insects are a nuisance when they are in or around your home. Not only do they create a mess, some can bite causing itchiness and pain. 


Here is a brief outline of some of the common insects we have in New Zealand:




These insects are notorious scavengers. They can also carry different kinds of diseases including salmonella. The 2 main types of cockroaches we have in NZ are the American cockroach and German cockroach. 


The American cockroach is normally found in ceiling voids, under floor areas, grease traps, storerooms and wall cavities,


The German cockroach prefers warmer conditions and usually found in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. These cockroaches have the capacity to building large infestations due to their short breeding cycle.



Most spiders in New Zealand are not harmful to us as our skin is too tough for their bite. However the White tail, Redback and the Katipo female spider bite can make a person swell up and feel itchy. There are usually no long lasting effects.


At No Fuss Pest control we want to ensure we do the best job for you. For a great outcome to happen and to minimize/eliminate the pest problem we need to work with you. Pests need a food source so if we can keep any food away from potential pests this would be a great help. Also regularly wiping down surfaces will make things not so attractive to the potential pest. Cutting trees back that are close to the house or premises and keeping the grass short also help.



Rodents are destructive. They can gnaw their way through water pipes and expensive electrical work. They carry many diseases and can get into many things. In New Zealand there are two types of rats – the Roof rat and the Norway rat. Both of these rats can breed like rabbits. The Norway rat can have 5 - 6 litters during its lifetime and the Roof rat can have 4 – 5 litters. Mice can have 6 – 10 litters.


If you have a rodent problem it would be best to make contact with us. We can come and carry out an inspection and then put a plan in place for you.



Ants live in structured nests. Nests can be below ground, in trees, under bark, in houses and in planted pots.


Ants are quite capable of making a meal of nearly anything. Possible food sources for them can be kitchen cloths to wipe food, sugar, blood, meat juices, fruit juice and dirty dishes.



Flies are probably considered the biggest pest out of all insects. Diseases flies can carry are typhoid, dysentery, cholera, tuberculosis and salmonella. They can also have a serious impact in food and agricultural production.



Flea’s feed off the blood of warm blooded animals such as dogs, cats and humans. They are an urban pest that can cause irritation to pets and humans. Fleabites will remain for several days. They can also transmit disease from animals to humans and humans to humans. The most documented disease transmitted by the flea is Yersinia pestis known as the plague.


If you have an insect or rodent problem please CALL US to arrange a free no obligation quote.


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