Roof Treatment

Why would I bother getting my roof treated? It is important to protect what is over your head from damage from lichen, moss or mould. Your roof will not fall off if it is not treated but damage can happen to various types of roof surfaces if left untreated. One common problem is lichen growing on colour steel roofs. If the roots of the lichen are deep enough this will cause paint to fall off and can potentially cause rust problems. Another one is moss growing on concrete tiled roofs. Moss will cause the apex of the roof to weaken and cause tiles to be brittle.  

Having your roof treated is a quick easy fix to ensure your roof is well protected.  All we do is spray the treatment onto your roof and let the weather take care of removing the moss, mold and lichen. This does take a long time to work but its worth the wait. It is recommended you get this done every two to three years.

For those on rainwater it is best to have your roof treated around April, May, June as there needs to be at least three good rainfalls before connecting the water back up and the treatment works better in the damper months.


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