About Us

Services we offer are:

  • House washing

  • Washing buildings

  • Window cleaning – internal and external

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Roof treatment and washing

  • Exterior and internal spider, cockroach and fly treatment

  • Cleaning driveways, paths and decks


Customer care

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service so we will get in contact with you after the job is completed to make sure you are happy with the job and if for some reason you are not we will come and fix it up at no cost to you. 

The name says it all really and that’s what we aim to achieve "No Fuss". Everybody is busy with everyday life, and the less things to worry about the better. We want to make sure that there is no extra work for you to do once we have done the job. Most exterior cleaning companies are good at washing a house or a building, but what about cleaning the windows? Perhaps in the past you have got your house washed and the company has done a fantastic job but the windows are still streaky or spotty. Perhaps you have found yourself annoyed and have had to give up an hour or so of your time to clean the windows. After we have washed a house or building we will go back around and clean your exterior windows. Another service we offer is cleaning interior windows. Customers have said in the past that since the exterior windows have been cleaned they will need to clean the interior windows, so if your time is precious to you, we can do this for you.


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Hamilton 3248

Tel: 0508 663 877

Opening Hours: 7am - 5pm

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