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Building Washing Solution

No Fuss specializes in commercial building washing on a regular basis to ensure buildings are clean and safe for those in the area.

Commercial Building Washing

We have the expertise and the know how to wash nearly any commercial building. Generally there are a lot more risks and hazards than just washing an ordinary house so we take the time to work out what is the safest way to go about cleaning a commercial building.


Our number one thing is everyone’s safety – yours, ours and your clients or customers. We are trained and have the right qualifications for working at heights and driving cherry pickers and scissor lifts.

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IMPAC is the country’s leading provider of health and safety solutions and access and PREQUAL certification indicates a high-class ability to work safely.

No Fuss is +IMPAC Prequal certified.

We Can Take Care Of Your Premises

No Fuss specializes in commercial building washing. It is good practice to get commercial buildings washed on a regular basis, as they are generally around high volume traffic areas and industrial areas where a lot of grease and dust is formed.  Excess dirt buildup causes buildings to look dirty and can damage exterior surfaces.


We can use either a gentle cleaning method or a pressure clean wash. Sometimes a gentle cleaning method may be a preferable option especially if it is easy for water to get inside the building.

Once a building is washed where practical we will squeegee and blade the windows to give the building a pristine finish and to ensure you don’t get any mineral deposit spots on your windows

It is important that strict safety standards are met when working on commercial buildings and No Fuss ensures that it follows correct safety standards to ensure there is minimal risk of injury to anyone and also to comply with the law.


On commercial buildings, we also offer other services which include roof washes and treatments, spider treatments, gutter cleans and concrete cleans.

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