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No Fuss Exterior Cleaning - Roof Treatment

Your Roof Protected
& Looking Its Best

We're experienced in roof treatments to keep your roof in top condition. Let us take care of your roof so you can look after who is under it.

Roof Treatments

To have your roof treated for moss, mould and lichen is highly beneficial as this will prevent moss, mould and lichen from growing on your roof. The treatment will also remove moss, mould and lichen from growing on your roof. This will keep your roof looking good as well.

If lichen has grown on your roof, it is likely its roots will be embedded into the surface. On a painted roof this means that once the lichen is removed it’s likely that there will be a discolouration where the lichen has been, or paint may even be removed from the surface of the roof. At this stage bare metal can be exposed and this eventually will create rust issues.

Moss, mould and lichen also weakens concrete tiled roofs. Moss grows in the cracks of the roof – more so around the ridge of the roof where most of the mortar is. Mortar gets weakened and can separate from the concrete tiles on the ridge line.

We can also apply roof treatment to roofs to houses that are on tank water. The water will just have to be disconnected for six weeks. There will also have needed to be three good rainfalls before connecting the water back up.

Need Something Else?

We specialise in residential and commercial exterior cleaning but if there is a particular job you need done get in touch with us and we can put together a free

no-obligation quote.

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