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Katipo Spider - No Fuss Exterior Cleaning

Our Team
Are Trained To
Eradicate Spiders

Most spiders carry a toxin, however the majority of spiders are not a threat to humans because our skin is too tough for their bit. A few spiders that we need to be careful of in New Zealand are the White tail and the Katipo.

These spiders can break through our skin and can inflict a painful bite resulting in localised swelling around the bite site. The white tail spider is most commonly found under tree bark. They are also often found in bathrooms and laundries.

Spiders tend to be more active around Spring and Summer when food is more readily available. This is also the period that they breed.

A good way to reduce the spider population around your home is to install yellow exterior lights as these will reduce insect attraction and reduce the spider population due to reduced food availability.

We can apply internal or external treatments to eradicate your spider problem. Please note that the products we are safe for children and animals.

Need Something Else?

We specialise in residential and commercial exterior cleaning but if there is a particular job you need done get in touch with us and we can put together a free

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