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Fleas are a considered to be significant pest to animals and humans. The adult flea can be found anywhere, in the sand, in grass or in carpet but in all cases will feed on blood.

The female flea can lay up to 20 eggs per day. The eggs tend to accumulate in the areas most frequented by the flea host.

Fleabites can be felt and the person will generally remain itchy and/or irritated for a few days. Red spots can also occur on the skin after a fleabite. Pets can suffer from fur loss and ulcerations due to scratching at the flea bite(s).

Flea are also known to transmit a range of different diseases from animals to humans and humans to humans. The most common one is “Yersinia pestis. Other transmitted diseases include Murine tyhus, Spotted fever and Cat scratch fever.

The best way to mage fleas is to regularly wash pets and their bedding. Also regularly vacuuming areas of the house where pets have been helps.

Fleas are quite easy to get rid off. We can apply a treatment to where the flea problem is and get rid of them for you.


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