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Ants - No Fuss Exterior Cleaning

We Are
Specialists At Dealing
With Ants

In New Zealand we have 35 species of ant. 15 are native and the rest introduced. Ants live in structured nests. The nest can be below ground, in trees, under bark, between timber sections, in houses and in plant pots.

Ants can make a meal of nearly anything. Possible food supplies include spills in the kitchen, sugar, blood, meat juices, fruit juice, meat juices and dirty dishes.

There are two main groups of ants. The main one is ants that feed on sugar. The other group of ants that feeds on oils, fats and protein. The ants that feed on sugar tend to be black and the ants that feed on protein and oils tend to be brown.

Ants can contaminate food, damage food and also damage electrical services. The best way to manage ants is to take away any available food source to them and obtain a high level of hygiene.


Depending on the ant problem we can apply ant gels, ant sand and also spray surfaces where ants are a problem.

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